July 12, 2010

Multiple Personality Disorder and My GF

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Life is strange in many ways and it leaves no stone unturned to let you know of its ability.  Couple of years back, life had decided to evince its bizarre nature to me. During those years of my life, I was a free flowing bachelor, sipping wine and women as they came. With no seriousness in life, and with no intention of settling down, I was highly content with life. I had no regard for love, as for me it was nothing but an excuse for two people to officially elope and get possessive.  Well as life had to push me from my fun-zee world, it made me meet a girl with whom I had to fall in love. A beautiful female is a definite attraction for anyone, but what made me fall in love was her intellectual seduction. I had finally met a female in my life that had a brilliant mind and just didn’t rely on giving dumb smiles to continue conversations.

We could talk on any topic and she always had something to say or another. Still I had a lot of reluctance to admit I was in love, but after much self assessment I gave into it, and had to practically scream it out to express my emotions. Days after that we were just like ‘happily ever after’, or that’s what I thought. I still remember it was raining very heavily, she came to my place. She hugged me and told me she always wanted to confess something but she never could. She told me that she had ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as it is known lately. I was stunned, as I still wanted her to laugh and say it’s all a joke, but she never did that. She was very serious and she wasn’t looking in my eyes. I brought her close to me, looked in her eyes, and told her that I would always be there for her no matter what.  I was so deep in love that it was impossible for me to withdraw as she never told me this when I was dating her initially.  My support and care for her grew from that day, and I used to make sure that she was never hurt because of me. During this own course of time, I was having a systematic downfall in terms of finances. But I always ensured that she did not take any stress regarding it.  

My first shock to reality came when I was speaking to her on the phone, and she was highly stressed over a trivial issue. After a few seconds of pause, her voice changed, and she started speaking to me in an aggressive tone.  It was my introduction to one of the two ‘alters’ that she inhabited.  ‘Mini’ was the aggressive one, while ‘Shiana’ was the one that always used to come out at times to comfort her. As strange as it sounds, the complexity of the disorder is by far the most unique in mental illnesses.  I did everything that was possible by me to ensure that she could get some reprieve from her condition. But with recession on its peak, my finances and her condition were on a rapid degeneration.

As time passed by, her attitude changed a lot towards me, and she seemed normal while doing her work, but it was only in front of me that she started having her ‘alter’ problems.  She just couldn’t digest that I had lost a lot of wealth during that tenure and found it really uneasy to be with a guy who used to shower her with gifts, take her to expensive restaurants to guy who had lost a lot. Before I could wink, she had gone out of my life and this is the time I realized two things, life’s pathetic joke and her third alter, ‘the gold-digger’!! It was difficult to cope up with the fact that she wasn’t there with me anymore, but it also shed light on another fact that as men we get so easily suckered by seductions based on intelligence.

However this disease is very much real and today there are multiple people suffering due to this wretched malady.  In most scenarios, child abuse is considered as one of the prime reasons for this disorder to originate. These so called ‘alters’ develop in a person to isolate a traumatic event that had occurred in their past lives. So help out the real victims of this disorder but watch out for sadistic MPD wannabes.