June 1, 2010

A Dog That Hunts Leopards

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I think dogs are sent on this earth to cleanse all the negativity we produce over the period of time. Having a dog at my home was probably one of those things that changed the complete scenario of my life. I had a loving jealous Doberman before and after his death I wasn’t suppose to have another pet as it gets too painful in the end. Well fate had something different to say;  my brother rescued a pup from the street and clinically gave it to me before he left. Well I have always been into dogs, but the breed, “Tibetan Mastiff” was new to me.  So I researched about the breed and was surprised to read about a kind of dog that looks like a lion, hunts leopards and wolves, guard forests, and wear a yak collar.

 All of which are unheard for people loving domestic dogs. Having a Doberman, made me feel like I was having an industrial guard dog as a pet, but he was too loving and made us felt that we had a male lassie who like to bite everyone.

A Tibetan mastiff is one of the most powerful breeds that we will ever see in the canine family. Firstly you should get use to the fact that as a puppy it will resemble a bear cub more than dog.

When it starts growing up, you will see a lion look alike dog that loves to eat, loves children and loves to be the joker of the house. However this dog is undeniably loyal to the core. If he starts suspecting someone around your house is snooping around you can’t make it stop barking,. If this situation arises, and the guarding factor of a Tibetan mastiff arises, than I can just say ‘good luck’. Two reasons, either he will bark till the end of eternity or if he has the opportunity to get after his suspect, than he will make sure his suspect gets the rag doll treatment.  

This dog will go to any lengths to protect your family and if your cousin spends a week at your place, he would still try to bite his head off on the last day of his trip. I would say this dog is perfect for fathers who always wish to clean guns in front of their daughter’s boyfriends. Keep just one Tibetan mastiff and your daughter will never date again till she is old enough to leave your house.  All those little macho men will have a hard time drying their own pants when the beast is unleashed.  I love all dogs, but this one is special, as it has real unique abilities due to its sheer size and temperament. Incase if you get an opportunity keep it, you will never regret this decision for the rest of your life.