May 25, 2010

Do You Suck As A Boss?

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You are an owner of a company or you are a manager/supervisor and having your own team, but are you able to optimize your employee’s potentials? If you are being a bad boss, you will lose a good employee and market credibly as an employer. Here are a few tips that would ensure apt relation between you and your employees:

• At the time of hiring, make sure that you have found the right candidate for the profile in your office.

• Take a couple of more tests to be sure.

• Ask yourself, the salary you are offering, would the company be able to afford it?

• Don’t over promise yourself to attract a potential candidates, it does come back at you.

• Once hired, don’t remind the candidate that he is getting paid more than others.

• If you pay somebody more than other employees, don’t expect magic from him in quick time, give him his space to create what he was hired for.

• Stop breathing down on people’s necks, it’s not a nice thing.

• Yes, you are paying for their salary, but you don’t own them, so cut the attitude.

• Don’t discuss office routine during lunch time because if you do that, then people are imagining killing you in 300 different ways.

• Don’t compare employees, it leaves negativity and bitterness

• Don’t tell employees, that they are being overpaid and they need to take a pay-cut to stay in the company. If you say this, you will only make a mockery of yourself.

• Do praise your employee when they do good work

• Don’t criticize in front of everybody; explain to them where they went wrong in a respectable and discreet manner.

• Are you getting happy when people are praising you? Get a reality check; you are being buttered for the wrong reasons.

• Give independence to your managers to solely handle the project.

 • Don’t try to review each work that your staff does, that will put them in pressure for the wrong reasons.

• They shouldn’t be making the product for your satisfaction, but for the client’s, there is a difference in that, which most bosses fail to understand.

• If your manager loses one client, make him understand the situation, but if you reprimand him, he might lose another.

• Don’t just ask suggestions from your employees; understand the logic behind every suggestion.

• Don’t humiliate your employee when firing; when you say it, keep the integrity intact.