May 20, 2010


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Degradation of the environment has given rise to many theories and ideologies.  Co-relation with oppressions in society has given birth to innovative and distinct ideologies. However, all these ideologies have one goal of preserving nature from destruction. Each dogma asserts the principal ideology and puts forth a scenario that impacts core issues in ecological degradation. My values co-relate with ecofemisnim because of its fight against oppression and in this paper you will be able to see the reasons of my association with this ideology.







The probable connection between the ecological destruction and women’s oppression has given birth to the ideology of eco-feminism. This philosophy suggests that exploitative approach of men has drained ecology of its precious resources and women form their rightful potential.

Eco-feminism is gaining importance in redefining our perspective towards looking at the nature and women. Since our primitive years, men have always been on the ‘hunt’. This hunting for survival later became congenial and men started to take exploitation as their right.

The term and the movement started getting attention in around 1970s. This was the period when feminism started raising its head to get their rightful place in the men’s world. During the same period the repercussions of mindless exploitation of nature came to limelight. The think tanks got into believing that both of these must be interrelated and imperative of patriarchal social system. The way this system treat its women is a direct harbinger of how it treats the non-human world around it.


Any thought or talk on ecology is incomplete without the mention of its plural and diverse co-existence that is peaceful and self sustaining. On the contrast, humans have divided themselves into colonies based on color, creed and culture that fight among each other. This diversity has exerted imbalanced pressure on ecological resources as all sects at different geographical locations could not evolve at the same rate. Pluralism tries to bring in energetic existence between the ecology and all its components.

Pluralism seeks active understanding among humans to achieve sustainable growth that strikes the fine balance between human interests and ecology preservation. This makes an interesting platform available for interaction between ecological and human pluralism.  It has been observed that eco pluralism exhibits a challenge to liberal pluralism and can be exhorted as a nascent embodiment of a new of practicing pluralism.

As the global village brings it’s every component closer to each other than ever before, it has facilitated inter-mingling and cross cultural approaches on a new level. This has put human plurality at stake. More races, cultures and languages are already giving away to unified human culture. The same paradox can be observed in eco pluralism as its evolution is marked by vanishing and endangered species.


Environmental pragmatism

Achieving nothing out of brainstorming and theoretical approach, environmental pragmatism has started gaining some ground among the concerned global citizens who are eager to expedite ecology sustenance. People who subscribe to this channel are really tired with endless environmental theories that yield no result. There is a strong belief to incorporate mediating principles for accurate decision making. The importance of a decisive framework over rules inhabited with rigidity that lose track of general commitments is greatly felt by the supporters

 Environmental self beliefs:

The very notion of ‘Mother’ Nature has a definite feministic connotation. It asserts the birth-giving and originating capacities of the nature and adds feminine qualities to its existence.  This also asserts the crucial significance of feminine superiority over muscular manipulations. Masculine or male existence is impotent in sprouting life out of itself. Whereas, the feminine existence breeds proliferation of life and has embedded capacity to evolve.

Still, the eon of nature’s history suggests that physical superiority of the male gender in all flora and fauna has established itself as superior to female species, albeit with coercion at times. The female role has been restricted as inferior because of their ingrained submitting psyche that naturally empowered males to take anything feminine for granted.

This overbearing male attitude has been judged as the fundamental cause of destruction of feminine qualities from the nature and responsible for oppression of women on earth. Though this connection is still to be established logically, the undercurrent cannot be denied.

It is a fact that cannot be ignored, we have suppressed women for centuries and still there many countries in the world where atrocities to women are considered as culture. Sadistic crimes like ‘honor killing’ are executed on women, which sheds light that oppression on womanhood still exists. In my opinion, we have systematically maltreated our environment in similar fashion. In our ego and heist, we have robbed her of existence and have burdened her with a large manifestation of resources.  For centuries, we have been depleting earth of her resources and beauty, on the name of revolutions. With each development, we have gnawed nature of her serenity.  Feminism opposes frameworks of domination and oppressions, which is why eco-feminism has gathered vantage (Karen Warren, Nisvan Erkal. .This ideology also is against the unjustified oppression of Mother Nature by governments and industries.

                  My beliefs can be co-related with ecofeminism because it argues for a principle that completely dissuades oppressions. It devises its ethics on recognitions of the fundamental worth of the non human world. It creates a sphere for voluntary simplicity. It further elucidates of absolute constriction of the ‘master-slave’, theory with nature. This system exists with domination of women by men, and co-relation is built on man’s domination on nature.  The ideology of ecofeminism is very multi faceted but with a single aim of creating a challenge of patriarchal dominance.  It creates questions on male dominance and through the angle of ecological destruction; it narrows down on a core principle of man’s sublime need to utilize females and environment for their own selfish benefits.  Ecofeminsim creates a productive vision platform that inherents hierarchal dualisms and is sculpted on the lines of feminism and bio-diversity.

                 Today situations have worsened and we are on a verge of an ecological collapse. Animals are endangered and many species have become extinct. Man continues to dominate and exudes his mark on ecological destructions of this planet. Patriarchal dominance has continued for ages and still continues to exist in this world. Ecofeminism is probably the only ideology amalgamation that pinpoints at the same problem of patriarchal dominance and coercion. My values do co-relate with ecofemisism, as unwarranted dominance of environment can be best defined by its principal ideology.


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