July 12, 2010

Multiple Personality Disorder and My GF

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Life is strange in many ways and it leaves no stone unturned to let you know of its ability.  Couple of years back, life had decided to evince its bizarre nature to me. During those years of my life, I was a free flowing bachelor, sipping wine and women as they came. With no seriousness in life, and with no intention of settling down, I was highly content with life. I had no regard for love, as for me it was nothing but an excuse for two people to officially elope and get possessive.  Well as life had to push me from my fun-zee world, it made me meet a girl with whom I had to fall in love. A beautiful female is a definite attraction for anyone, but what made me fall in love was her intellectual seduction. I had finally met a female in my life that had a brilliant mind and just didn’t rely on giving dumb smiles to continue conversations.

We could talk on any topic and she always had something to say or another. Still I had a lot of reluctance to admit I was in love, but after much self assessment I gave into it, and had to practically scream it out to express my emotions. Days after that we were just like ‘happily ever after’, or that’s what I thought. I still remember it was raining very heavily, she came to my place. She hugged me and told me she always wanted to confess something but she never could. She told me that she had ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as it is known lately. I was stunned, as I still wanted her to laugh and say it’s all a joke, but she never did that. She was very serious and she wasn’t looking in my eyes. I brought her close to me, looked in her eyes, and told her that I would always be there for her no matter what.  I was so deep in love that it was impossible for me to withdraw as she never told me this when I was dating her initially.  My support and care for her grew from that day, and I used to make sure that she was never hurt because of me. During this own course of time, I was having a systematic downfall in terms of finances. But I always ensured that she did not take any stress regarding it.  

My first shock to reality came when I was speaking to her on the phone, and she was highly stressed over a trivial issue. After a few seconds of pause, her voice changed, and she started speaking to me in an aggressive tone.  It was my introduction to one of the two ‘alters’ that she inhabited.  ‘Mini’ was the aggressive one, while ‘Shiana’ was the one that always used to come out at times to comfort her. As strange as it sounds, the complexity of the disorder is by far the most unique in mental illnesses.  I did everything that was possible by me to ensure that she could get some reprieve from her condition. But with recession on its peak, my finances and her condition were on a rapid degeneration.

As time passed by, her attitude changed a lot towards me, and she seemed normal while doing her work, but it was only in front of me that she started having her ‘alter’ problems.  She just couldn’t digest that I had lost a lot of wealth during that tenure and found it really uneasy to be with a guy who used to shower her with gifts, take her to expensive restaurants to guy who had lost a lot. Before I could wink, she had gone out of my life and this is the time I realized two things, life’s pathetic joke and her third alter, ‘the gold-digger’!! It was difficult to cope up with the fact that she wasn’t there with me anymore, but it also shed light on another fact that as men we get so easily suckered by seductions based on intelligence.

However this disease is very much real and today there are multiple people suffering due to this wretched malady.  In most scenarios, child abuse is considered as one of the prime reasons for this disorder to originate. These so called ‘alters’ develop in a person to isolate a traumatic event that had occurred in their past lives. So help out the real victims of this disorder but watch out for sadistic MPD wannabes.

June 1, 2010

A Dog That Hunts Leopards

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I think dogs are sent on this earth to cleanse all the negativity we produce over the period of time. Having a dog at my home was probably one of those things that changed the complete scenario of my life. I had a loving jealous Doberman before and after his death I wasn’t suppose to have another pet as it gets too painful in the end. Well fate had something different to say;  my brother rescued a pup from the street and clinically gave it to me before he left. Well I have always been into dogs, but the breed, “Tibetan Mastiff” was new to me.  So I researched about the breed and was surprised to read about a kind of dog that looks like a lion, hunts leopards and wolves, guard forests, and wear a yak collar.

 All of which are unheard for people loving domestic dogs. Having a Doberman, made me feel like I was having an industrial guard dog as a pet, but he was too loving and made us felt that we had a male lassie who like to bite everyone.

A Tibetan mastiff is one of the most powerful breeds that we will ever see in the canine family. Firstly you should get use to the fact that as a puppy it will resemble a bear cub more than dog.

When it starts growing up, you will see a lion look alike dog that loves to eat, loves children and loves to be the joker of the house. However this dog is undeniably loyal to the core. If he starts suspecting someone around your house is snooping around you can’t make it stop barking,. If this situation arises, and the guarding factor of a Tibetan mastiff arises, than I can just say ‘good luck’. Two reasons, either he will bark till the end of eternity or if he has the opportunity to get after his suspect, than he will make sure his suspect gets the rag doll treatment.  

This dog will go to any lengths to protect your family and if your cousin spends a week at your place, he would still try to bite his head off on the last day of his trip. I would say this dog is perfect for fathers who always wish to clean guns in front of their daughter’s boyfriends. Keep just one Tibetan mastiff and your daughter will never date again till she is old enough to leave your house.  All those little macho men will have a hard time drying their own pants when the beast is unleashed.  I love all dogs, but this one is special, as it has real unique abilities due to its sheer size and temperament. Incase if you get an opportunity keep it, you will never regret this decision for the rest of your life.

May 25, 2010

Do You Suck As A Boss?

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You are an owner of a company or you are a manager/supervisor and having your own team, but are you able to optimize your employee’s potentials? If you are being a bad boss, you will lose a good employee and market credibly as an employer. Here are a few tips that would ensure apt relation between you and your employees:

• At the time of hiring, make sure that you have found the right candidate for the profile in your office.

• Take a couple of more tests to be sure.

• Ask yourself, the salary you are offering, would the company be able to afford it?

• Don’t over promise yourself to attract a potential candidates, it does come back at you.

• Once hired, don’t remind the candidate that he is getting paid more than others.

• If you pay somebody more than other employees, don’t expect magic from him in quick time, give him his space to create what he was hired for.

• Stop breathing down on people’s necks, it’s not a nice thing.

• Yes, you are paying for their salary, but you don’t own them, so cut the attitude.

• Don’t discuss office routine during lunch time because if you do that, then people are imagining killing you in 300 different ways.

• Don’t compare employees, it leaves negativity and bitterness

• Don’t tell employees, that they are being overpaid and they need to take a pay-cut to stay in the company. If you say this, you will only make a mockery of yourself.

• Do praise your employee when they do good work

• Don’t criticize in front of everybody; explain to them where they went wrong in a respectable and discreet manner.

• Are you getting happy when people are praising you? Get a reality check; you are being buttered for the wrong reasons.

• Give independence to your managers to solely handle the project.

 • Don’t try to review each work that your staff does, that will put them in pressure for the wrong reasons.

• They shouldn’t be making the product for your satisfaction, but for the client’s, there is a difference in that, which most bosses fail to understand.

• If your manager loses one client, make him understand the situation, but if you reprimand him, he might lose another.

• Don’t just ask suggestions from your employees; understand the logic behind every suggestion.

• Don’t humiliate your employee when firing; when you say it, keep the integrity intact.

May 21, 2010

Can You Go To Hell For Unethical Affiliate Marketing?

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You have been a perfect husband, a good father and a decent provider for your family. In real life you have helped people, but still when you die, you are sent directly to hell. You ask God why? And he shows you the extent of damage and deaths that were done through your affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a premier automated internet business that is carried out by many reputed bloggers and reviewers. But most of the times, when people venture into affiliate marketing; they conveniently tend to ignore the ethics that is required to support it. Before venturing into affiliate marketing there is a set of questions that you need to ask yourself.

 ■Do the people, who on your trust would click on the link, would genuinely receive value to their money?

 ■Do you know the depth of the product? Have you tested the product on yourself?

■Would you give the suggestive medicine that you are marketing to your own children/family? ■Would you feel happy seeing your testimony on the landing page?

 ■Are you really sure of the product? Is there is any chance of it being harmful or a scam?

If any of the above questions represent a “no”, than you are doing unethical affiliate marketing. Ethics and business are cohesive factors for achieving success levels. If you have attained success due to unethical affiliate marketing, you would eventually fail; primarily due to two reasons, karma and loss of your brand name. The entire platform of trade is executed on the internet on just one word, and i.e. “trust”. If people who have been following you on your blogs and have been crediting your website as a good piece of work, then you are eventually demeaning yourself by being associated with unethical marketing. Medicines are one of the prime examples that are being used in affiliate marketing in an unethical way. Drugs that have more side effects than curing the patient are being marketed aggressing by respected bloggers. These drugs play with the consumer emotionally by promising them instant weight loss or overnight acne cures. Some drugs cause adverse side effects like seizures, nausea and loss of consciousness and in some cases even deaths. People have debated that if every sales person would try the product they sell, than there would be no salespersons. Well if their assumption is true that there should be official salespersons for guns and dope as well. There is no harm in affiliate marketing as long as you are ethically comfortable with the product. You would not like to get associated with murderers and scam artists in real life, than why affiliate yourself to such products online. Work ethically for your affiliate marketing, and you will have a sure shot success as your product would be genuine and would definitely help your consumer, thus increasing your sales and reputation. In the end I can only tell this “Ensure ethical marketing and save yourself from going to hell.”

May 20, 2010

Brand Loyalty

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Why certain consumers are loyal to certain brands and what influences such an adherence? What makes a consumer deviate from the norms? What makes a consumer willingly get bonded to products or services as a result of a deep-seated commitment? A consumer is considered as a brand loyal whenever a consumer perceives that a brand is offering him the right product features and the desired level of quality, and hence repeatedly makes a conscious or subconscious repurchase of that particular brand.  

 To get the buyer to that level, a brand has to be positioned very effectively and should have the right marketing mix that can make a consumer get attached to it. The brand when it displays that distinct identity, it is then that it captures the audience’s attention.

 Through this study let us see how we can use the web to connect with the customers and get them satisfied to the extent of making them brand loyal. How we can identify and acquire our high – valued customers and create an effective strategy to manage their responses and experiences such that it helps us to retain them and build them into loyal customers.  How can we identify brand loyalty and what can we do to perceive it? A brand symbolizes a company. It gains the customer’s regard when it shows that it gives product or services differentiating it from the competition.


Brand loyalty: 

«««««««Brand loyalty is essential for the product to create its own niche

The term loyalty is associated with a feeling of devoted attachment and affection. The term ‘brand loyalty’ captures this very essence but from a commercial perspective. Manufacturers and companies are always trying to create niche in the market by constructing their own base of loyal customers, who over the period of time have accepted the product whole heartedly. These brand loyalists would spend their money devotedly to acquire the particular product and would also carry a feeling of immense satisfaction on the purchase. The importance of brand loyalty can be asserted from the fact that it plays a vital role in the company’s advertising appetites.  If a particular product is having a good brand loyalty, then the company spends large expends over short periods of time to attract new patrons, but if the brand loyalty is low then companies tend to keep the advertising at a steady pace to attract fresh consumers and to boost sales

Maintaining brand loyalty is the biggest challenge for the company, as it is a very tedious process to acquire a customer and then convert him to carry repeat purchases from the company. The more difficulty part comes in providing the same level of service that a customer will expect in his return to his loyalty.


«««««««Brand loyalty can achieve high goals through the medium of internet

Internet brand loyalty:

The internet today is the biggest medium of trade. The size of commerce that can be carried out through this means is incomparable to any other ways of promoting business. The reason behind the success of internet as a viable trade option is because it is easy to tap and cater to a very large audience, thus pitching your product to a consumer size that is unimaginable.

Brand loyalty, when ventures in to the internet, creates a new structure all in all. The ethos remains the same for brand loyalty, for a product retailed in the market or being sold through the website. However the e-marketing teams of the company have to be creative in their approach to acquire and maintain the consumer who would log on the website. The reason behind it is when a consumer enters a store, the look and feel of the store gives him certain psychological comforts. When he becomes a customer of the web, he requires the website of the company to give the feel and ease to surf easily and finish the purchase without having any insecurity in mind.  So when internet based brand loyalty has to be initiated, the e-marketeering factors change a lot of dimensions for the company. At the very first, the company tries to maintain a non-complex service to the consumer, making the purchase as hassle free as possible. Once the consumer gets into the ideology of buying the product on the basis of ‘few easy clicks’, it engenders the beginning of internet brand loyalty.

Advertising becomes an excessively important aspect for producing brand loyalties. The internet gives the chance to the e-marketer to increase sales by capitalizing on brand loyalist of other companies by advertising and creating relations on other loyalist eccentric websites  

Facets of Internet Brand Loyalty:

«««««««Attitudinal and behavioral loyalty plays an important role in brand loyalty

In factual terms, to get a consumer to remain loyal with the brand requires a lot of unique marketing strategies.  For a consumer to attain the status of loyalty he needs to get thorough satisfaction right from the service attained to the quality of the product. However, it is not necessary that once a consumer attains satisfaction he will ensure loyalty with the brand.  By and large, loyalty toward your brand can be segmented into two areas, one demonstrated by the customers and the other, by the suppliers. There is a difference between a loyalty demonstrated by a supply chain entity and that demonstrated by a customer. The reasons behind a B2B (Business to Business) loyalty program would be rather rational and that of a B2C (Business to Consumer) unit would be emotional or psychological. In the following you will be able to see descriptions on some of the factors that are associated with brand loyalty:

a)      Mind-set:  The internet allows itself to become a market place of tailor-made information because of its database attributes. It becomes very essential to create a positive mindset on the virtues of trust and privacy issues.  As the consumer always has a choice of acquiring another product just by refreshing a new page, it becomes critical to instigate positivity towards the brand. If the consumer gets into a positive mindset, his chances of staying loyal with the brand remains higher compared to a normal scenario.

b)      Behavioral:  Consumers who have repeat buying patterns come into this category.  It becomes essential for the company to tap the consumer into behavioral loyalty as it is an express way for gaining returns. Behavioral loyalty of a company tends to increase if the consumer is given awards or gifts for his repeat purchases.


«««««««There are 5 essential steps to achieve brand loyalty

Let’s see what progression of steps a customer goes through when he decides to purchase, use and maintain loyalty towards a brand or a product.

According to Jim Sterne and Matt Cutler, the customer life cycle has five phases.

Reaching a customer: This involves getting a potential customer’s attention.

Acquiring a customer: This involves making the customer aware of your services and offerings.

Converting a customer: This includes impressing the customer, to the extent that he turns into a paying customer.

Retaining a customer: When you are successful in making him your loyal customer and willing to repurchase your products.

Building Customer loyalty: Loyalty toward the brand is achieved when a customer is satisfied with the product or service and has joined the cycle.

 If you can retain a customer and make him a loyal to your services or product you get an upper hand over your competitors. Hence an effective marketing strategy will concentrate on the first four phases keeping the fifth phase as the final goal for achievement. The first four phases of the customer life cycle concentrate on developing a sound customer retention strategy.

The concept of creating brand loyalty contains creating a true brand loyal, One who would like to repurchase a brand due to acute liking and not because there are not many choices or options available. Customers who are truly committed towards your brand would pay higher prices, incur less cost to serve, and bring new customers to the firm. Thus, if we manage to build brand loyalist through effective marketing strategy, then such a brand loyalist would further effectuate our marketing strategy by bringing us more customers. The marketing activities targeted towards building brand loyalty are mutually benefitting activities.

«««««««Importance of SEM in retaining brand loyalty

What online marketing efforts can we make to have an impact on CLC so that we can influence a customer positively to achieve brand loyalty?

The activities should be such that it culminates into building a strong relationship to achieve an ever-expanding clientele and ever plummeting business profitability.

We all know that getting targeted search results is a must for online success. All SEM practices aim at this, and optimizing organic search strategies even take months to reach to the optimum and desired level.

Let’s see how organic SEM marketing practices can be placed in the customer life cycle.

Reach your customer: In order to reach to the potential customers, we will have to create ample awareness about our product in the market. When a customer has a buying interest in our product type, then our brand should be able to catch the customer’s eye in order to be considered.

The keywords which the customer is using for searching his desired product should lead him to our product or should get him to the information leading to our brand. The research which he is doing should lead him to your site.

Here, optimizing of your site, ample and necessary content about your product becomes the attention grabbers. Creating our online presence and creating the digital identity of your brand becomes important. A well optimized site that is being found for your main keywords can help you claim their interest. 

Acquiring a customer: In order to bring the customer into your influence sphere, the quality of the content and your marketing skills steals the show. When the customer manages to arrive at your site, then the content should be persuasive enough to compel the customer to give a serious thought to your product. If you don’t have a well optimized site and lack relevant content, chances are that the customer will bounce to another competing site and might never return. 

Converting a customer: To convert a potential customer into a paying one, you have to provide the customer what he is looking at. If a customer decides to buy your product, the site should be well equipped so that he can make the purchase there and then. The site should be properly designed keeping e-commerce in mind. This may mean clearly displaying prices and shipping rates on your site, it may mean having an easy to use shopping cart.

In case you don’t wish to introduce online buying then there should be a provision of offline buying within the consumer’s reach, or providing the customer a toll free number so the customer can order offline. The conversion paths should be straight forward and immediately achievable. 

Retaining a customer: If you could convert a one time buyer into a repetitive buyer, then you’ve managed to achieve success. Selling a product to a customer is not sufficient; you have to build a relationship with your customers in such a way that the customer acquires a lifetime value from the purchase. After making a purchase a customer undergoes rationalization. The assurance that he has made the right purchase will make him come back again to your product.                         

Building Customer loyalty: When a customer is advocating your product, there is no better effective marketing activity than that. How can you make each of your customers as your brand ambassador? If a customer gains satisfaction, joyful and fulfilling experiences after using your product then certainly he will be suggesting the product to everyone else. 

Once the relationship is built you have to further it through the online activities. Relationship marketing is the key to repeat business, whether it is online or offline. Here, knowing how your customer interacts with your product, and what the praising and criticizing factors are, might help you devise marketing steps to build brand loyalty. 

Search and Online Marketing are powerful tools to attain online identity. However, when you want to incorporate the online marketing practices in CLC, each step has to be worked on in order to make it achievable. You have to be very careful and develop the strategy which can handle the “fallouts”. 

Fallout can occur at any step along the way as a buyer can abandon a solution at any point of time or can get diverted to an alternative. A marketer has to pay close attention to the buyer’s behavior at each step and direct marketing efforts keeping in mind all the things, such as, Buyer’s psychology, Competition’s strengths and weakness and Market conditions.

 The psychology behind Brand Marketing:

«««««««Repeat purchases do not mean brand loyalty 

Alll repeat purchases do not constitute brand loyalty. Bloemer and Kasper assert that “A repeat purchase behavior is the actual re-buying of a brand, whereas loyalty includes reasons occurring before the repeat purchase behavior”. 

True loyalty is the goal to be achieved. Sometimes what we perceive as brand loyalty might be spurious. In order to differentiate between true loyalty and spurious one we should know that a loyal consumer is biased and comes to a decision of purchasing after evaluating one or more alternate brands. However, there is a function of inertia in the buying process of a spurious loyal whether a true loyal has a distinct psychological process which results in his commitment towards the brand. 

Factors affecting loss of brand loyalty:

 Companies do all the hard part, of converting a customer into a brand loyalist, but because of certain factors the consumer eventually deserts the brand.  


 Brand Loyalty constitutes a lot to the company in terms of revenue generation and word of mouth advertising. Innovative marketing strategies to imply brand loyalty becomes a must for e-marketers. If the company has to achieve a higher level of success then it becomes mandatory to create a large pool of brand loyalists.

The area where an e-marketer needs to put attention is towards his approach for SEM. When an e-marketer desires to achieve brand loyalty, he has to completely evaluate and understand his purchase psychology .It is very necessary to understand that sales are the true measure of success in brand loyalty.

Usually in the SMM activities, the success is measured in terms of clicks or viewership. Here, it becomes important that the marketing activities have to be so structured and accurate as to result in getting more sales.  The factors constituting to loss of a brand loyalist showcases serious concerns for the brand. In the end it can only be said that the more no. of brand loyalists you tend to acquire in your course of business, the more chances of your brand achieving the pinnacle of success increases.


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Degradation of the environment has given rise to many theories and ideologies.  Co-relation with oppressions in society has given birth to innovative and distinct ideologies. However, all these ideologies have one goal of preserving nature from destruction. Each dogma asserts the principal ideology and puts forth a scenario that impacts core issues in ecological degradation. My values co-relate with ecofemisnim because of its fight against oppression and in this paper you will be able to see the reasons of my association with this ideology.







The probable connection between the ecological destruction and women’s oppression has given birth to the ideology of eco-feminism. This philosophy suggests that exploitative approach of men has drained ecology of its precious resources and women form their rightful potential.

Eco-feminism is gaining importance in redefining our perspective towards looking at the nature and women. Since our primitive years, men have always been on the ‘hunt’. This hunting for survival later became congenial and men started to take exploitation as their right.

The term and the movement started getting attention in around 1970s. This was the period when feminism started raising its head to get their rightful place in the men’s world. During the same period the repercussions of mindless exploitation of nature came to limelight. The think tanks got into believing that both of these must be interrelated and imperative of patriarchal social system. The way this system treat its women is a direct harbinger of how it treats the non-human world around it.


Any thought or talk on ecology is incomplete without the mention of its plural and diverse co-existence that is peaceful and self sustaining. On the contrast, humans have divided themselves into colonies based on color, creed and culture that fight among each other. This diversity has exerted imbalanced pressure on ecological resources as all sects at different geographical locations could not evolve at the same rate. Pluralism tries to bring in energetic existence between the ecology and all its components.

Pluralism seeks active understanding among humans to achieve sustainable growth that strikes the fine balance between human interests and ecology preservation. This makes an interesting platform available for interaction between ecological and human pluralism.  It has been observed that eco pluralism exhibits a challenge to liberal pluralism and can be exhorted as a nascent embodiment of a new of practicing pluralism.

As the global village brings it’s every component closer to each other than ever before, it has facilitated inter-mingling and cross cultural approaches on a new level. This has put human plurality at stake. More races, cultures and languages are already giving away to unified human culture. The same paradox can be observed in eco pluralism as its evolution is marked by vanishing and endangered species.


Environmental pragmatism

Achieving nothing out of brainstorming and theoretical approach, environmental pragmatism has started gaining some ground among the concerned global citizens who are eager to expedite ecology sustenance. People who subscribe to this channel are really tired with endless environmental theories that yield no result. There is a strong belief to incorporate mediating principles for accurate decision making. The importance of a decisive framework over rules inhabited with rigidity that lose track of general commitments is greatly felt by the supporters

 Environmental self beliefs:

The very notion of ‘Mother’ Nature has a definite feministic connotation. It asserts the birth-giving and originating capacities of the nature and adds feminine qualities to its existence.  This also asserts the crucial significance of feminine superiority over muscular manipulations. Masculine or male existence is impotent in sprouting life out of itself. Whereas, the feminine existence breeds proliferation of life and has embedded capacity to evolve.

Still, the eon of nature’s history suggests that physical superiority of the male gender in all flora and fauna has established itself as superior to female species, albeit with coercion at times. The female role has been restricted as inferior because of their ingrained submitting psyche that naturally empowered males to take anything feminine for granted.

This overbearing male attitude has been judged as the fundamental cause of destruction of feminine qualities from the nature and responsible for oppression of women on earth. Though this connection is still to be established logically, the undercurrent cannot be denied.

It is a fact that cannot be ignored, we have suppressed women for centuries and still there many countries in the world where atrocities to women are considered as culture. Sadistic crimes like ‘honor killing’ are executed on women, which sheds light that oppression on womanhood still exists. In my opinion, we have systematically maltreated our environment in similar fashion. In our ego and heist, we have robbed her of existence and have burdened her with a large manifestation of resources.  For centuries, we have been depleting earth of her resources and beauty, on the name of revolutions. With each development, we have gnawed nature of her serenity.  Feminism opposes frameworks of domination and oppressions, which is why eco-feminism has gathered vantage (Karen Warren, Nisvan Erkal. .This ideology also is against the unjustified oppression of Mother Nature by governments and industries.

                  My beliefs can be co-related with ecofeminism because it argues for a principle that completely dissuades oppressions. It devises its ethics on recognitions of the fundamental worth of the non human world. It creates a sphere for voluntary simplicity. It further elucidates of absolute constriction of the ‘master-slave’, theory with nature. This system exists with domination of women by men, and co-relation is built on man’s domination on nature.  The ideology of ecofeminism is very multi faceted but with a single aim of creating a challenge of patriarchal dominance.  It creates questions on male dominance and through the angle of ecological destruction; it narrows down on a core principle of man’s sublime need to utilize females and environment for their own selfish benefits.  Ecofeminsim creates a productive vision platform that inherents hierarchal dualisms and is sculpted on the lines of feminism and bio-diversity.

                 Today situations have worsened and we are on a verge of an ecological collapse. Animals are endangered and many species have become extinct. Man continues to dominate and exudes his mark on ecological destructions of this planet. Patriarchal dominance has continued for ages and still continues to exist in this world. Ecofeminism is probably the only ideology amalgamation that pinpoints at the same problem of patriarchal dominance and coercion. My values do co-relate with ecofemisism, as unwarranted dominance of environment can be best defined by its principal ideology.

Marketing tips for Millennial generation

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Millennial generations are those age brackets that were born in an era more acknowledged for world awakening and systemized usage of technology. To cater them on marketing front requires explicit coherence of novelty with strategy.  Marketing has indeed changed its methodology ever since the dawn of internet. This medium has been the biggest platform of trade and commerce and has been instrumental in achieving successful execution of innovative marketing strategies.

In internet marketing that fact has to be understood, that whatever is new will have its impact. Millennial generation as a unit has never been approached for gaining vantage from a marketing perspective. To create a bespoke strategy to entice an entire generation you need to understand the deep thinking quotient that affects them. Primarily this is a generation that was born in an era which represented technology and the following:

a)     The time when car bumper stickers with “baby inside” came up

b)    This is a generation that is compared with the first ‘great generation’

c)     A generation which brought reduction in teenage sexual & drug abuse

d)    More calmer and more balanced than previous generations

e)     Born with technology, and more capable with technological advancements which makes them more successful in execution and implementation of advance practices

f)      Close to parents

g)     If they find things handled to them out of proportionally, they have the potential to create high end coverage for exposing their exploiters.

 The generation on a larger perspective is much intelligent because of diversity in gene pool, as they are the first offspring of the migration wave.  So knowing the attributes of the millennial generation makes it becomes easier for you to cater to them. You need to get in the right ideas to ensure apt marketing success. The following tips will help ensure the right approach:

A)    Logical marketing with more stress on product evaluation

B)    Green marketing would find more favors with this generation, however it should be much more than having trees on the product label

C)    More use of presentation ads, as they love to evaluate on visual basis

D)   Technical comparisons do help on a product level

E)     If offering services, do advertise or present about the leverage aspects, rather than discounts.

F)     Use customer appreciative technique to en-cash brand loyalty.

 If business houses can impose better strategies for millennial generations, than they will go much beyond B2B & B2C marketing and achieve never attained success levels.